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You know what they say, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.” So as the February 10th release date for the much anticipated “The LEGO Batman Movie” approaches, we’ve come up with some ways you can have an automated home, similar to Batman’s automated bat cave. (Check it out in this video!)

You may not be able to say “Hey ‘puter, I’m home” and have your jam come on when you walk through the doors of your secret hideout like Batman does. You CAN, however, say “Alexa, turn on the man cave” as you walk into your own rendition of a superhero’s sanctuary. Just like that, lights illuminate the bar, you can hear the hum of the air hockey table starting up, the TV turns on to your favorite pregame show, and the speakers set to the perfect volume. Now doesn’t that sound a little better than the batcave so far? Batman has Alfred to help him get through his life in the crazy crime-stricken streets of Gotham City. But we can’t all have a well-mannered and impeccably dressed butler to help us out. The next best thing to an Alfred, is a personalized keypad. There is no Alfred to wake you up with bacon and eggs in the morning, but there is a wake-up button that, when pressed, can raise the shades, start the coffee, and adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Caves are usually pretty dark, which is fine for the Dark Knight, but not for someone trying to win a high stakes game of poker when the lights are too dim to determine if that’s a 9 of spades or clubs. Enter, Control4 Smart Lighting. Bring a touch screen to the poker table with you so you can quickly turn lights on/off or dim them to the exact brightness you desire. Or have them programmed to simply respond to the time of day, so the darker it gets outside, the lighter it gets indoors. Lastly, it’s to be expected that that the Wayne Manor boasts some pretty superior security features. After all, Batman has likely pissed off a lot of bad dudes. But us average folk have belongings and people we want to protect, too. Your own manor can be programmed to interrupt any music or movie when someone rings the bell, and display a video to give you a peek at who’s visiting at the front door or gate. Check the cameras while you’re away, even receive notifications if something triggers a motion sensor. So go ahead, enjoy a night out in the city—Gotham, perhaps?—and know that your home is a finger tap away.

Call Home Automation Sydney on 1300-893-874 to let the magic in your home begin.

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