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Triad Speaker Logo
Triad Speaker Logo

WhWat makes Triad products so good.

What Makes Triad Products So Good?


In a world of cookie cutter products, Triad is the sole company designing and manufacturing a comprehensive line of high-end architectural loudspeakers. We don’t look at our products as commodities, but rather as individual Unique Solutions to the problem of seamlessly integrating high-quality sound into a sophisticated living environment.

We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for a generic “good enough” custom speaker when there is an innovative Triad product that is perfect for virtually any application. There are other critically important reasons for choosing Triad.

The best custom audio products on earth will not make you happy unless the system is properly conceived, designed, installed, and explained.

This is why Triad offers exemplary factory support, and is sold only through the best custom installation dealers; respected CEDIA members. We will provide you with the best experience for your investment before, during, and years after the sale.

Home Theatre Installatio with seating and screen
Triad Speaker Logo


Speakers that are built to order


Triad products are literally made fresh daily, following the lean manufacturing model of no inventory of finished goods. Your speakers are made for you, and they always represent the most current version. Products typically are built within four days, and are then shipped to you.

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