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Control4 Smart Home System

Every year during the CEDIA show, we launch a handful of new products and services to enthrall our dealers and customers. And this year we’re doing it like never before, announcing a slew of stuff that undoubtedly makes up our biggest launch to date. We’ve hand-picked a few of the most noteworthy to share with you here.

YOUR HOME, IN YOUR HANDS Home control like never before

You know what they say; the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. A job changes with a new schedule, your tastes in music evolve, and the seasons come and go. Your smart home should keep up and adapt right along with you. Hands-on personalization has long been a top request from Control4 homeowners, so we are enthusiastic to introduce When >> Then automation programming for homeowners. It’s a simple way for you to personalize your home.* Now, you can easily change the brightness of a light or schedule a series of lights. Update the playlist that kicks on when you tap a certain keypad button. Even change the door chime to play a holiday jingle. It’s the convenience of do-it-yourself, but with the stability of a professionally installed smart home system. You’ll need a dealer to get your system updated, but then you’ll experience all of the fun of this phenomenal new capability—all on your own.

TRIAD: CHANGING THE RULES OF AUDIO The beauty in the unseen

What’s that you hear? That’s the collision of art, science, and precision. And boy, does it sound goooood! From streaming sources to speakers, and now everything in between, it’s time to get immersed in the all-new Triad Entertainment Experience. With killer new amps and audio matrix switches, a vast collection of unobtrusive, high-quality indoor and outdoor speakers, and the absolute easiest way possible to access and play your high-resolution, streaming content, Triad is literally changing the way you consume sound in your home. When you can enjoy all of your favorite audio in any (or every) room of the house with unsurpassed quality—and all at the touch of a button—you’ll never again sacrifice quality for portability.


iHeartRadio and Spotify join the Control4 native streaming service roster that includes Deezer, Napster, Pandora, TIDAL, and TuneIn. This new implementation enables Control4 customers to select a favorite playlist, album, or station within the Control4 App and stream it throughout their home using their EA Series controller without any additional media players. As always, homeowners can begin streaming music from all available services for which they have accounts—all through a Control4 Touchscreen, handheld remote, by voice, a programmable keypad, and the Control4 mobile app.* *Requires Control4 OS 2.10 and a 4Sight annual subscription

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